Sunday, 5 May 2013


Jag, mig, själv på Moderna Museet

Is he Obsessive compulsive (OCD)? Is she just pure evil? 

Does he think that people who get married are forced to do so via social norm and that those who actually want to get married are idiots...and then, he meets the gorgeous, witty and smart new girl next door who completely changes his mind?

Is she a hopeless romantic who spends most of her time reading novels anddrinking coffee at cafes, hoping that ‘the one’ will walk toward her, utter ‘Hello,’ and start the venture to a lifelong relationship?

Does his life depend on the wages he makes as a fortune-teller at the carnival until one day, he correctly tells a businessman’s fortune, who decides to, in turn, gives him a business proposal, thereby bestowing him with millions?

Could she be the jobless, single mother who sneaks into her neighbour’s home to steal their gold jewelry, thinking that it is the only path to survival in paying off her debts and keeping a roof over her children’s homes?
Is he the cunning con artist who will change personalities if he has to? Is she the company receptionist who eats up all the gossip and spits it out as soon as she signs in the next person?

::Sigh:: Breathe…take it all in….

Do you know these people? Have you looked into their eyes? Have you read about them in newspapers? Have you seen a ‘WANTED’ AD? Has someone told you a funny, strange or disturbing story that they heard from someone else? Has a friend of a friend of a friend passed down a forwarded story via the internet or text that you found intriguing enough to turn into a novel? Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered what type of personality should your next character or protagonist exert?

Believable and relatable characters, even extractions of our inner selves become personalities, whether a bubbly girl-next-door or an obsessive-compulsive man. The truth is we look for inspiration around us, often in others and mostly, in ourselves or so…I think. Here are some photographs of artwork I have seen around Stockholm, Sweden. Look into their eyes, can you read their personalities?

'Exhibition Poster' by Andy Warhol
1968, Moderna Museet

'Think...Dow Shalt Not Kill...,' by
Sture Johannesson,1967, Moderna Museet

'Portrait of a Danish Author, Helge Rode'
by Edvard Munch, 1908, Moderna  Museet

'Young Mother and Her Child, Capri,'
by Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann, 1880
'A Swedish Fairy Tale,' by Carl Larsson, 1897, Nationella Museet

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