Monday, 16 January 2012

Walk a Straight Line!

I just finished editing my first chapter. I realized the importance of consistency, walking a straight path instead of a zig-zag, or walking on a smooth road instead of a bumpy one!



" 'Quotation Marks' "

How you choose to write the name or title of something is crucial.

For example, if at one point, you write 'Friends' and you're happy with it, don't write Friends.

If at one point you write Her Feet Chime, then don't write 'Her Feet Chime' and write all novel/book titles in italics.

Writing is an art and you, as the artist, must make choices on your own personal style for your canvas...blank page/Word doc.

I'm sure you understand the importance of consistency. I know I do; hence why, I have a separate document called 'Notes' in which I write all of the important words and notes to refer back to when I murmur to myself,

Wait a minute, did I italicize that word in the first paragraph or use quotation marks around it?

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