Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Perfect Guide to a Successful Marriage

Most recently, I’ve been acquainted with two very inspiring people, Ajmal Masroor and Henrietta Szovati. They are perhaps what I would call a ‘power couple,’ a rare combination.

Together, as husband and wife, they have created a potent organisation called, Barefoot Institute. You’re probably thinking, why ‘Barefoot?’ But before I answer that, I have to tell you who these people are.

Ajmal is a Relationships Counsellor, ex-MP candidate and an inspiration to Muslims nationwide (UK). Henrietta Szovati is perhaps one of the strongest women I have ever met, spending time with her children, home-schooling them and managing a business at the same time. The two often travel to conferences and Islamic gatherings to help Muslims and non-Muslims understand the true Islam. Together, they have even written a book called, ’10 Things You Should Know About Marriage,’ all proceeds of which go toward Barefoot Institute.

You’re probably asking again, ‘Why ‘Barefoot?’ Before I get into this, however.... The suspense is probably killing you so much that you’re Googling it right now and the fact is, I don’t mind if you Google it; be my guest..., I’d be happy to know that Ajmal and Henrietta’s story has aroused such curiosity within you because what they’re doing is worth checking out.

Within 10 Things You Should Know About Marriage, Masroor addresses many relationship issues, especially the fact that ‘falling in love is easy, but sustaining a loving relationship is hard work.’ How many Islamic handbooks have you read that say things like that, so necessarily open? It’s a complete guide from deciding whether you are ready for marriage or not, what happens after marriage, to what happens after children and when living with in-laws? It even touches upon intimacy and sex (oops, did I say that word?).

BAREFOOT: “By wearing shoes we often cushion ourselves from the realities of the world as if we were in a cocoon. The world is a place of rough surfaces, soothing corners and often uncomfortable spots. Our programmes are all about embracing and learning how to manage all these experiences while we remain true to our own spirit and values”

Happy? It's so beautifully-said, isn't it? And yes, this is DIRECTLY from the website. Barefoot Institute is a relationship counselling and life coaching institution for Muslims. Most recently, Ajmal and Henrietta had a marriage training course and despite there being a snow blizzard outside, all 30 attendees showed up and left extremely happy. You can read some of their comments on the Facebook Group,

There's another one on the 29th of January, 2011 so don't be shy (everything is confidential), sign up if you feel that you need to strengthen your relationship. Also, Henrietta just took a group of 30-50 women on a Muslim women's retreat in Somerset. Many of them left completely changed and more spiritual individuals.

Also, be sure to get your copy of ‘10 Things You Should Know About Marriage,’ from An easy-read, it’s the perfect wedding gift and the best guide for singletons considering marriage and married couples, whether you’ve been married for two years or ten!

And yes, I bought the book (out of curiosity) and I've read it. It really inspired me. My husband and I have a wonderful relationship, but there's never any harm in finding new ways to empower the bond.

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